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10 gallon shrimp tank

About a month or two ago I set up a new 10 gallon. I threw in some plants temporarily just to have some plants in it while I was getting it established. So I finally got around to getting it setup the way I really wanted it and here it is.

Tank: 10 Gallon
Light: Standard hood with 2 CFL 14 watt 10k daylight bulbs
Filter: Aqueon HOB that came with it
Heather: eheim jager
ferts: Flourish once a week
substrate: Black flourite sand
flora: Rotala (not sure which type), Valisneria (not sure which type), Mayaca fluviatilis, Subwassertang, Narrow leaf Java fern, marimo balls ripped open, brazilian microsword, christmass moss and Nymphaea micrantha.
fauna: 20 Yellow shrimp, 2 Sulawesi Yellow Spotted Rabbit snails, 1 Olive nerite, 5 Bumble bee nerites (clithon corona), a few pond snails, ramshorns, and mts.

Once the Rotala and Vals grow in the filter and heater will be covered.
I don't really like the Christmass moss. I just have it tucked into the crevice between rocks on the right. I'll probably post it for sale. I think I'm going to add some more marimo balls torn up to it also.

Comments, criticism, ect. are welcome.


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