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Wisteria Battle

That Wisteria grew like crazy! I mean, I could sit there and see it growing.

It was too much work for me! I was eventually trimming 2-3x/week, it was crazy...

Puffers are awesome!

So I tore all the Wisteria out and added it to my 10gal, I needed a snail breeding tank for the puffers; they had completely cleared my 20g of all snails in about a week. The Wisteria has totally taken over the 10gal, but I think it works well for a guppy/RCS/snail breeding tank

And here's the 20g as it looks today, I've added a glass check valve, a much better needle valve than the one I found at my local hardware store, a sponge on the filter intake and a drop checker. Current fauna: 2xDwarf Puffers (1 male, 1 female), 7xTiger barbs, 4xOtos and breeding Glass/Ghost Shrimp. Current flora: Tiger Lotus, Java Moss, Amazon Sword, Glosso and Onion Plants.
(Cell phone pics, ugh! Can't wait to get a nice camera... soon)

Note: The high quality pictures on this thread were taken with my brother's Nikon D90, the bad pics were taken with my cheap cell phone.
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