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20gal High Tech Tiger Tank

So I figured I should start an official journal for this tank. Named it due to the Tiger Lotus and the Tiger Barb school.
Current Specs:
Size 20 gallon high Date Started Originally 1995, Revitalized July 2010 Lighting 2x24w T5 HO 6700k Life Glo 8hrs/day Equipment Ehiem Ecco 2232 Canister Filter, 150w heater CO2 Pressurized 5lb tank with glass diffuser and Burkert 6011 solinoid Substrate Flourite and Floramax Parameters 78F, 6.4 pH, 5 dKH, 8 dGH, 0 ppm Ammonia, 0 ppm NO2 Fertilization EI method Plants Java Moss, Amazon Sword, Glossostigma Elatinoides, Tiger Lotus, Onion Plant, Anubias, Java Fern. Inhabitants 2x Dwarf Puffers, 7x Tiger Barbs, 3x Kuhli Loachs, 4 Otos and occasionally snails for the puffers Comments *Tank in progress* Got this tank from my dad when he moved. It had an under gravel filter, gravel only substrate and a couple of plants. Ripped out the UGF after cycling the tank with the power filter for ~ 2 weeks, then did the same to switch to the canister filter (found one for a good price). Also, I'm using the regulator and CO2 tank from my old keg-o-rator, works perfectly!

So this tank has some history... My dad moved at the end of last year and had no way to bring it, so I took it. I found a nice little nook for it in a big cabinet that I have setup in my kitchen (I think it was supposed to be an entertainment center originally). The tank was unhealthy, with only a few plants (that were rotting), clown puke blue gravel, a couple neons and a cory. I decided I wanted to revitalize it and turn it into a nice planted tank, that's when I found these forums. I added some Tiger Barbs and some aquatic plants. I also found a good deal on some Floramax and figured it would be a good idea to mix this in with the blue gravel...

I was able to harvest some Java Moss from a nice piece of driftwood and add it to my other pieces of driftwood. I also added some Wisteria and Amazon Sword. I quickly became disgusted with the blue gravel :P At this point I also realized the under gravel filter was not good. I had a spare HOB filter from a friend that I cycled with the UGF for a couple weeks. But I knew the HOB wasn't ideal if I wanted to use CO2. I set up a DIY CO2 system anyways and ran it into the filter intake. Those green nets didn't work too well for the Java Moss.
To Be Continued....

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