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Originally Posted by Tex Gal View Post
They will stay short and actually turn pink if you have high light. Here is a px when I had it as a foreground plant. Plant tabs are a good idea.
Originally Posted by kingfisherfleshy View Post
These say that they are the pygmy ones, so hopefully they will stay in the 2-4" range that I have been reading in other places. But who knows what petco's labeling skills are.
If they come from PetCo, chances are they are the larger, all green variety, and not the small variety that turns red. I bought "pygmy chain sword" at my LFS, which turned out to be a 14" plant given good conditions. The other variety is only available through other hobbyists (AFAIK) always stays very small regardless of light conditions and gets red in good conditions, like TexGal showed above.

Here'a pic of mine showing gobs of the stuff:

Here's a very old pic showing the plant in the front that you probably have - note that these got even bigger with time:

Both are easy to keep and very cool, just very different size-wise.
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