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I needed to raise my lights and I didn't want to do a light bar or hanging lights. For those who have a Coralife T5 normal output light, you know how low to the tank these are. Because I am using a HOB filter, I need to keep the water level high. The lights are just too close to the water. Secondly, the spread is terrible as well. I only needed to raise the lights a bit so I did a bit of DIY. I felt like sharing as this idea could probably be modified for something else as well. It was easy and only required a few tools most people already have.

What you need:
4 Clamps found in foutain section of OSH for reducing water flow through tubing
2 Cabiniate handles

Hack Saw (or Dremel would work)
Vise (you can get away without this but it will save a lot of grief)

Picture of supplies:

Step 1:
Cut the clamps with a hacksaw to make the clamps U shaped:

Step 2:
Drill hole in top of clamp. You probably want to use a punch and a pilot hole, I didn't do that though.

Step 3:
Attach handles. You will either need to cut down the screws or buy shorter ones. I cut mine down

Step 4::
Put Zip ties on handle so light doesn't move.

Here is a before pic from this thread:

Here is after:

Comparison on tank:


This took me about 30 min tops. It is super easy. I may change the handles to something nicer looking. The clamp bolts are long but I like the "utilitarian" look.

Anyway, every other time I have done a custom light stand, I got a lot of questions but they were much harder to make. This is something anyone can do if they have a light that doesn't have legs and need a wider light spread or reduced light. It could even be adjustable with longer bolts and spacers.
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