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Petco Clearance Sale SCORE!!

Petco is having a really nice sale on discontinued merchandise. I'm sorry to see a few items leaving- as they had decent local pricing on substrate in particular.

I was so excited I thought I'd show off a bit, and encourage others to go out and stock up! Here's some items I picked up, for next to NOTHING.
  • Caribsea Eco-Complete 20#. Regular price / Clearance price: $19: $1.50
  • All Glass Aquarium standard T8 14w, 8000k bulb: $11.99 / $2.00
  • Coralife 24w T5 HO Colormax: $19.99 / $4.00
  • Aquatic Gardens 15w incandescent bulbs, 2pk (the long skinny ineffective bulbs) $3.99 / $0.70 (These make great night-light bulbs, or soft ambient lighting for floorlamps
  • Aquaeon 36" full, deluxe hood $51.00 / $5.00
Here's the really fun part of the past few days shopping the superstores. . . My wife know's I"m looking for a powerhead / additional flow pump. She found one on a clearance endcap, and showed it toe me. It was not a brand for which I was looking, but I looked at it anyway, as it was only $15.00, for a pretty high flowing unit.

Once home, I open the box and realize I"m missing some parts. I keep looking, and realize the pump does not look like the pictures. Then I realize I'm holding a Marineland Penguin 550, with prefilter kit, some poor soul put in the wrong box!! This is a $50 item!


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