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Originally Posted by Couesfanatic View Post
Cool, thx. Your tank looks good. Keep us updated. When are you going to throw plants in?

as soon as I go fill it up, and the water clears so i can see in the tank to plant it.

here is the start of laying down the potting clay( I think that is what chlorphil/ phil edwards had in his tank) along with the ada mix with soil master select on top.

not mind my ugly feet and here it is in the tank.
yep even at 6'1 I had to take the canopy off to touch the bottom of the tank. my stand is 36 inches tall.

and here it is all in plant and me starting to fill it with some water, and stop. don't know how long this tank will be cloudy... hopefully since I pulled the canister off, and have it running on a 15g with water out of the tank it will clear up and cycle fast.

Thanks, Joey. tanks-CUBE of different sizes.

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