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Originally Posted by Eden Marel View Post
Growing out of the tank and onto the wall!! Soon your house is gonna have plants growing on the wall, like those vines people grow outside their house and climb their house, except yours will be inside. One of my friends claimed mushrooms were growing on their ceiling lol.

How much did your driftwood cost, what kind of wood that is? I bought me a medium mopani at Petsmart for $4.30... the FoCo and Loveland one didn't really have any nice shape that I envisioned, so I had to settle for the one at Loveland:

Is Aqua Imports that one place with the Amano Shrimp and Nerite Snails, I can't remember. Do they have nice plants, everytime I go to a fish store their plants are dead or dying, or they are 3-4x more expensive (only good if you are buying a few to save on shipping).
the Driftwood was from DSdrifter in the S&S forum. It is a root wood of some sort that he collects along a local river in KY. Rod is a nice guy, and is easy to work with. When I get a chance, I will post a pic of the creeping jenny growing out of the tank lol. Right now it is all lumped on top of the HOB filter on the tank. Aqua imports is where I get most of my local plants. It is the nicer of the two boulder stores.
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