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Are these real?
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Originally Posted by Ibn
Tank looks nice. That piece of wood looks very interesting. I might have to go trudging for some soon in the creek. What's that green stuff that appears to be growing on it (algae or lichen)? Might want to consider a low growing plant to cover some of that empty space up. It'll contrast nicely w/that piece of wood, and doesn't make the area so barren.

There's more space to display the tank and I've noticed that a lot of the red is gone. It actually makes the tank flow quite a bit better. Can't wait to see what it looks like when it fills in a bit more.
I had that driftwood for a year or so in my backyard pond. It's some green algae growth on it, but with all the hungry fishies in there it will be gone and clean in a few days...

Getting rid of the Lotus, losing the E. barthii, and combining all the A. reineckii helped quite a bit to reduce all the red spots, easier on the eye now.

I will let the Wisteria spread more into the "barren" area, other than that maybe a smaller crypt would fit the place... There isn't enough light for Glosso or Riccia, and other small groundcovers are being interpreted as food by those Festivums.
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