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Are these real?
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Originally Posted by GDominy
I have always loved this tank... But something I've always been curious about.. what kind of Fauna do you have in here?

I see some festivums and pearl gouramis.... What else do you have in that thicket?
There are 4 Festivums (2 pairs, sort of), 3 Pearl Gouramies, 3 Yoyo loaches (I can see at least two of them twirly things, one above the driftwood, and another one above the bronze wendtii on the left), 1 false SAE (you can spot him close to one of the Festivums), one Bristlenose (who enjoys the new driftwood a lot), a pair of Rams, and one or two Otos. That's about it.

I can't recommend the Festivums for a planted tank... without them I would probably have some smaller fishies in the tank, along with two African Butterflies that I had to evacuate into another tank.
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