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36 Gal. "Second Life"

Well, After spending a bit of time learning, and staring at my tank, I have decided to Re-scape the tank.

Here are the specifics as the tank sits now.

36 gal. bowfront tank.
Fluval 205 Canister filter
Some sort of pain in the butt powerhead.

The tank consists plant wise of

Wistera (that resembles the blob at times.)
Two Lotus plants
Madagascar lace
Val. Americanas
Java Moss
Creeping Jenny
Belive it or not, There is a Red Rubin sword. (going to get a better position in the re-scape
Another HUGE sword, that will stay as it sits.
A couple Amazon swords. A small clump of remaining Marsiella Minuetta (will be replaced with Quadrifolia or Hirsuta (tons of it)
Red Ludwiga
Creeping Jenny.

The wisteria has taken over the tank lol. It will be minimized and put in the very rear of the tank, with other plants taking the stage as I get things going.

I purchased a very nice twisty piece of Driftwood from DSDrifter, which should be here by Friday (wahoo) After I submerge it for a few days, the rescape will commence.

My plan.

As you can see from the pic below of the existing tank. There is a HUGE ugly mass of stuff on the right of the tank. It started out as a fake log decoration, that has been consumed by Java Moss, and lived in by shy amano shrimp. This is going to be removed. I am doing that because I feel that my top level fish deserve the full length of the tank to swim. And it is a pain during tank work. The Red Rubin is behind this monstrosity, it is only surviving, and needs more space to grow. I also have a very small piece of driftwood on the left corner of the tank, this too has been taken by java moss, and has become the Cherry Shrimp headquarters. This may stay in its position, with the Anacharis finally being removed from the tank permanently.
There is also a fake rock decoration on the left side that is going to be removed as well.

As far as plants being added. I am going to add a couple of other plants into the mix, to help fill in a bit. And I will remove others that may not be doing as well.
The plants being added

Red Tiger Lotus (I have wanted one forever!)
Bacopa carolina
Brazilian Pennywort
Cardamine (Cardamine lyrata)

I know some of these require more light than I seem to have, but I have had a few plants in the past that did quite well regardless of the "lighting requirements"

The tank will stay CO2 less, although sometime in the future it might get reworked again with co2 and T5HO lighting.

This scape is going to take quite a while, I would have an extremely hard time removing the thousands of Cherry's and my quarantine tank will hold all of these fish for any length of time. So the tank will be rescaped over a period of weeks doing small movements and then large water changes.

Here are the pics of the driftwood (that is on the way) and the tank as it currently stands.

And the Driftwood.

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