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Hey guys, I've got some new developments for you, as we continue to expand!

The basic news is, we've just launched a new wing of ADG - called ADG Vibe, the concept is to allow hobbyists to get the real look and feel for ADGism and it's style. Unlike the ADG Online branch (which is the representative name for social media like facebook (, forum and mailing list type approaches), ADG Vibe is dedicated directly towards enhancing the user experience - basically think of it as living the lifestyle of ADG, versus seeing the representation of ADG.

The first addition to the ADG Vibe network is via twitter - which can be found at - twitter was chosen because it provides that 'haiku' like feeling in it's messages, short, sweet and artistic (more on the go-oriented), versus ADG Online's more "short-story" feeling - longer, more in depth and capable of handling video and picture content - things that are better viewed from a computer monitor at home.

The second part of ADG Vibe is via the foursquare application - users will be able to use foursquare for ADG and get coupons, the first one going up is free ADA literature upon a pre-opening visit to ADG. Foursquare again is on-the-go oriented and more 'Vibe' oriented. Plans for the foursquare section of ADG Vibe entail the eventual use of fun applications that will be aimed towards extra rewards to loyal ADGers.

Future plans that are part of the ADG Vibe are the newsletters oriented towards the ADG/ADA lifestyle. You can already sign up for this before it goes online using your user account at

The Haiku of ADG "ADG Vibe":

The Ode of ADG "ADG Online":

Thanks for your participation! None of this happens without the support of hobbyists!
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