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buying in Anchorage

I'm really tired of people just jumping on the "boycott" big box stores ride. In fact at a local shop here in Anchorage some customer just felt it nessisary to tell me how to spend my money..."just stay away from Petco" was the comment...sorry but that's just not wise advice.
Look people here's the deal with any kind of retail market and face it...buying fish is just that. You have to shop wisely, learn to compair prices as not too many of us are so rich money is no object. Learn your stores just like you do buying anything else...I hope.
Tim at Ak coral is awesome, small local guy with great stock...some times over priced compaired to the big guys, but you have to concider the customer service and product you get for that price and willing to special order and trade....Bret at Petzoo is also very cool and helpful...good prices on fish and often has very healthy plants...both stores local to Alaska is a huge plus to buy there, keep the money in state...but lets not rule out Petco and soon Petsmart...they have really hard to turn down supply prices and sales...the people working there do what they can with what they get in...right now petco has a horrible case of ick...they got shipping in mass amounts of fish for the grand opening...what do you want from them...feed them to the lizards? They hire like any retail does...mostly kids who need jobs. As a rule I do avoid their fish...mostly unless something really nice comes in or the price is too good to pass... Anything awesome is rare as they cater to more family fish tanks than the purist hobbist..thats a whole other rant...Usually I window shop there and then ask Tim if he can order this or that fish. Jason at South Walmart is just not worth speaking too, zero customer service abilty...and does not care a bit about the fish and other than their tetras which are in really good look at the 5 gal tank carpeted with dead feeder fish any smart shopper will... would hope...avoid their fish but you can't beat their fish complete fish tank prices...other than craigslist. Oh and Fred Myers has a great everyday price on Jungle tests strips...see you just have to know where and when to can we not do this silly boycott stuff and just spend the efforts on sharing solid advice and brag on who just got the best deal in town and spread the word.
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