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Originally Posted by macclellan View Post
Those Angels are sweet and the tank is looking great. Did I send you that A. ulvaceus? I sold it someone and forget who. At any rate, it was way too big for my 75g, but I do miss it. I don't like A. crispus though. Too leggy. Do sell me a baby of that Nymphae when you get one; that's a neat morph. Oh, and I think you won't be able to keep all 13 angels, unfortunately. When mine got a bit bigger than yours are now (8 in a 75g), I started seeing too much aggression. I sold half of them and things are fine now. I'd guestimate that you'll have to go down to about 8 soon, and probably not more than 3 pairs ultimately.
Yeah, all my Aponogetons came from you...and yes, the crispus was ultimately too much for me. I don't remember if you sent me 3, or if it divided, either way, I ended up passing all 3 to Over_Stocked and the other two to people I forget. It's in his 75g now...kind of neat to follow a plant around.

The Ulvaceus is incredible. If I ignore it for than about a week it sends up a flower. Not really a problem except the flower stalk grows like 12" a day.

We've got a big club auction on Sept 19. If the angels (6 of them, not all of them) aren't gone by then, I'll probably put them in the auction.
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