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Ended up ordering online with overnight shipping. Bulkheads where $8.99 and nipple fittings where $.99. Called locally and people wanted $26 for Bulkheads! What a rip off!!! Even with overnight shipping I have saved over $50! I should get them tomorrow. Hope my plants hold out.

@ Dan - yes, it's 91.43 gallons filled to the brim. The height is perfect for plants and the depth is perfect for my arms to reach to the back. Looks better in the room too.

@ Hoppy - Yeah, so excited about the tank. It's really a nice one. Thanks for the vote of confidence. With the plumbing problems and seeing it leak I was worried that I made a BIG mistake. Here's the plan...

1. Double threaded bulkheads.
2. nipple fittings - double threads of course
3. Double threaded ball valves
5. threaded to barb fitting for attaching flexible tubing
6. flexible tubing
7. inputs and outputs to various equipment

Spoke with Deep Sea Aquatics and they said that plumbers putty was the way to go for a tight seal with the threaded pipe stuff. Said the silicone tape wasn't a sure thing. Said I could use silicone glue if I wanted to wait for it to dry and it would be permanent.

I just happened to have plumbers here and asked them about the sealing. They said I need pipe dope. I'll get a tight seal, will be able to take it off if I want so I can replace things in the future and it will hold up under pressure. I think this is the plan I will take.

Now if I can just figure out how to suspend the heavy new light I'm set!

OH - and about the temporary tank - I thought the blue really added to the whole water theme! lol

Just keeping on keeping on....

95g Rimless

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