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Originally Posted by blair View Post
Wish that stone was available over here and for equivalent pricing! The American market is very expensive. Granted the average salary is much higher...

I definitely should have sought out some of these shops while I was there :/ Nice finds.
I also noticed the fish were cheaper (33 cents per Cardinal Tetra or so, no Green Neons though), normal RCS were like $3/10, but CRS were the same or more expensive than what we can get on the SnS here. I was surprised I didn't see a lot more "nano" fish. Out of all the stores I visited, I didn't see any boraras brigittae, uropthalmoides, or merah.

If I go back again, I'll try to snap some pictures of the rocks and other stuff. I tried in 1 shop but wasn't allowed and it made me reluctant to ask other store owners.

Psidriven, do you have the address of the stores in the suburbs? Do they hvae a greater selection of stuff and how is the pricing?
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