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I was in Taipei and checked out the area psidriven talked about. The locals referred to it as "水街" which translates to "water street."

Starting from across the elementary school all the way until Min Quan bridge (about 2 blocks away) there are 10-15 fish stores. Almost all of them sell plants and planted tank accessories. Don't expect to find much ADA stuff though, as one of the store owners told me ADA is much more expensive in Taiwan than in the USA and Hong Kong.

There is a better selection of lighting (especially clip on lighting for nano tanks) and hang on back filters than what you would find in America. I bought a 13W light fixture for $179 Taiwan dollars ($5.60 US).

Many of the stores sell various driftwood and stone. I saw a lot of nice driftwood pieces of all sizes and one store had hundreds of pounds of stones. One pile of stone looked similar to Seiryu stone and they had huge and small pieces. I think it was 60 Taiwan dollars/1 kg which equals $1.80 US/2.2 lbs.

As for shrimp, i saw a lot of CRS, RCS (including fire red), and Amano. I didn't see any Sulawesi shrimp.

Here is the Google Map link to the store I bought my light fixture and HOB filter from. They seemed to have the best pricing out of all the places I checked out. Don't buy from the first store you go into. Look around to compare prices first. Feel free to post here if there are any questions.
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