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Here's a pic of the setup inside the cabinet:

I also might have a problem. I have seen some DIY scapers hang a light inches above the stand in order to increase the light spread over the bottom of the tank. But my nova exteme 4 x 39" is so narrow that even haning it might not be enough:

So should I just get another light to sit on top of the front part of the tank (which I don't mind too much even though it sort of defeats the purpose of a rimless tank) or if I raise it a few inches would it be adequate?

Thanks guys for your input.

One other thing. I just ordered my substrate: 3 bags of Amazonia and one small bag of Orinoco sand I believe.

So my Aquasoil Amazonia arrived today and it was bittersweet. Although this marks a major milestone in the progress of getting this setup ready for competing, I have another waiting game before I get the hardscape materials. So in the bags it will stay for about a month or two until my spending money builds back up again. I don't mind the wait too much though. It will afford me more time to learn and hone my layout and hopefully make this a smooth first planted tank. Thanks for your comments and for bearing with me on the slow progression.

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