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Mulligatawni soup - Fluval edge

I started this thread a long time ago. But between school and sports I completely forgot about this thread and to some degree my tank. But now that summer is finally here i'm looking to start it up right this time and to create a truly thread worthy tank.

Heres the list so far:


Fluval Edge
Aquaclear 20 filter
Koralia Nano powerhead Dont know if I'll need it.
Tetra 100 Heater
DIY ada style c02 setup
DIY CFL light;2-Coralife colormax CFL bulbs
Digital Thermometer
Root medic Ferts
F4t5 bulbs
moon lights
up-aqua drop checker
Azoo Substrate-Dark
A nice pair of GLA sciccors or tweezers.


Anubias Coffeefoilia
Anubias Nana
Anubias Nana var. 'petite'
Java Fern 'narrow leaf'
Java Moss
Crypt parva
Dwarf hairgrass

2-Furcata Rainbows
10-20 Amano shrimp
nerite snails
CPD's-would this overload the tank or not?

My ultimate goal is to create a medium to high-tech tank capable of creating an island of rocks, wood, and plants, sourrounded by a sea of hairgrass.

Your thoughts or help will be appreciated.

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