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Originally Posted by KevinC View Post
When I moved (south to north) cross-country three years ago, I unintentionally moved my MT snails:

I placed my driftwood and gravel in a big rubbermaid container (covered) in the back of my topper-covered pickup. Parked in a hotel parking lot for about a week (house sold sooner than we could move) then drove north (in August). Stayed at my mothers for another 5 days (i think I remember flushing the container with water while there), moved to new house and waited for aquarium to arrive. Put gravel/driftwood into tank, filled with water, and found live snails!

So any of the methods mentioned above should be fine

so you are saying that aquatic snails are the cockroach of aquariums!!!

If they are then I should have no problem shipping them in any way it sounds like I just need to keep them from drying out is that right
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