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A couple of updates

Ludwigia Repens x Arcuata... I don't like this plant enough to spell it right. It grows too fast! But I love the way it looks. The R. Colorata I got from a member of our local club is also growing intensely quick. Grew to the top of the tank in a few days!

This plant is nifty, I got it from our local meet. (I should really pay attention or write down the names of these plants) It grew some purple underneath

I like this plant too

Here's some of the Alternanthera reineckii ''roseafolia''

My cardinals. They're eating voraciously, they seem to like the frozen blood worms the best, with frozen BBS next. I'm too grossed out to feed them live worms.

One of the RCS. Even with 100 in there, the tank is so densely planted I barely see them.

I just bought 5 of these guys. Assassin snails to deal with my snail problem. I smush all that I see but theres just so much, I can't get to them all. These assassins actually look kinda cool too!

FTS. Sorry, a little bubbly from the water change.

I built this thing to help with the water changes. Got the idea from PlantBrain. Its actually really convenient. I just screw it onto a hose, and hang it from the side of the tank. I put a sponge over the end so it doesn't suck up any fish and it's cut so I change about 45% of the water. Once water is siphoned out, I reconnect the hose and just fill it back up. I add a little bit of RO water, but its usually just top offs with RO for me.

and LASTLY....

AUGHHHHHH :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:


This covers just about every stem of staurogyne I have, a lot on the drift wood, a few leaves of blyxa. However, everything else is algae free...

I pulled my auto doser for now. I also turned off the middle bulb and running a shorter light period (reduced it from 9hrs (9 hr of single bulb, with the 2 outer bulbs for 7 hours) to 6 hrs of just the outer bulbs)

The RCS don't eat it, I don't think my 3 amanos are eating it (do they? do i need to get more?) My otos and pleco definitely didn't eat any of it.

My co2 is a little inconsistent as I'm still tweaking it but shouldn't this result in BBA not whatever this is? I don't have any BBA.

I'm also battling some GDA, but its mainly on the glass so its not that bad.

If someone could shed some light on this and what I can do.
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