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Building a 72L Aquarium stand - Completed - New pics (9/22)

Hello guys,

I am starting a 72L 100G tank soon (hopefully) and the thread is here. This thread is to document my DIY stand building for the same tank. Frankly, as much as I would love to build it, my initial thoughts were to buy one that is professionally made for a tank of that size and weight. However I did not find anything that I liked from a price point as well as exact dimensions. Instead I found all these wonderful DIY stands hobbyists have made and the possibilities of customizing it to my needs are immense. So I decided to follow DIY instead.

My tank is just ordered and it would take about 6 weeks to arrive so my stand building project has a deadline of 6 weeks to complete.

I am taking one step at a time. So while I have some ideas of what I would want visually, I am not making any decisions on the finished product yet. I'll think in details after I complete each stage of the project. What I know for sure is that I am not doing a industrial style open stand like hydrophyte did. Why is that important? Well, I liked hydrophytes design a lot and was considering similar model. However the look and feel won't marry well with my decor at home. I want my stand to blend with my furniture and decor and really make the tank stand out. With exposed joints that might not be possible for me. So while I do consider using the using joist connectors like hydrophyte did, I do not plan to expose them. One thing I planned to take from hydro's design is using 4X4 but purely from structural strength perspective.

Coming back to "1 step at a time" I at least need have the milestone steps determined at the beginning. Here's the list

1. Gather ideas and inspirations. Background study
2. Put the frame first
a. Design the frame
b. Buy the lumber (cut to dimensions), stain/sealant, sand paper
c. Prep the lumber (sanding, staining, sealing)
d. Buy connector, nail/screws
e. Frame construction
3. mentioned before, I'll think about this later.
4. Placement and leveling
5. Light fixture

I'll make this a TOC with links to specific pages of the journal as I progress.

Budget: $200-$250 (except tools)
Running total: $285 (little over budget)
Lumber: $90
Sanding paper: $5
Sealant/Stain: $25
Hardware - nails/screws: $40
Hardware - door hinges & aluminium channels: $10
Doors, end panels : $115
Am I missing something? Feedbacks please.

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