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SEDS' Mineralized soil 35 gallon Extravaganza! UPDATE August 27!

SEDS' Spectacular Mineralized 35 gallon Extravaganza!

Let me first add that I have no water column fertilization, I am negligent on water changes, and have no CO2 whatsoever. Just soil and "sun." No hardscape has been added. I have no algae eating crew and have barely any algae issues. The only thing I have to deal with is a light dusty algae that grows near the bottom on the glass. I have come a long way from my meager beginnings, and there is still a long way to go before I can go international.

My new 35 gallon semi bowfront mineralized topsoil tank had been up a long time ago... I changed the substrate a few months is the result:

Obligatory empty shot

Here's the hardscape...

Filling up with mud... smoothing the surface... It is over 3 inches deep at any spot. A little much perhaps but no biggie.

Obligatory "just filled" shot...

This picture was taken one day after it filled.
I suppose you are wondering WHERE DID I GO WRONG!! We all learn from mistakes. I had only a half gallon of sand to cover a couple square feet of surface. So the covering was patchy at best. I also added the fish right away.(filter media was old) If you ever get a mineralized tank, use enough sand to cover the soil very well. The only thing that could go wrong is that planting... plants... tends to mix the layers.

Fish still stir up debris when they get startled... I am paying to this day because the plants are occasionally dusty looking. Luckily the tank prospered...

Notice the ludwigia vanish and the saggitaria and Egeria take over.
Pardon the small pic, but here's how it looked at one if it`s finest moments:

The fish are hiding. Believe it or not it looked better about 10 days before. A pondweed species I had was doing well and had beautiful translucent pink leaves with a lovely vein pattern. But then I leave for a week and it is decimated. It was spreading with a rhyzome and growing very fast... I don't understand why pondweeds do this! There were 3 very large and lovely stems, each forming the midground.

this is a video i embedded of my tank. There is no sound except for clicking. I have forgotten how to change the sound to a song or something.


-3 upside down catfish
-12 odessa barbs.
-1 rare female "lipstick" barb. (I found the ID myself recently. I made an ID thread of this fish that stumped everyone.) That's the gray fish with a reddish dorsal fin and yellow caudal pedicle on the bottom. This picture is quite old.
-3 Ottos and one Chinese sucking loach that ended up in an order of ottos...
-Limnophila Sessiliflora
-Vallisneria Americana
-Egeria Najas
-Saggitaria Subulata
And a few random straggler stems such as Potamogeton, Ludwiga and Myrophyllum.

If you look close in the last picture, elodea canadensis is the lighter green plant with thicker leaves than E. najas, it is just off to the left of the center. Mare's tail is also in that vicinity. A kind of pondweed is on the right side in-front of Limno... Lost in a forest of yellow-green. These have declined to nothingness as of this writing.

THANKS FOR LOOKING! This will get better as it goes on. My latest pic is in need of a trim.

My tank sucks now

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