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Heather's 27 Gallon Cube//mini update 1.5.12. Low light, low tech

I'm upgrading my 10 gallon into this tank and have just set it up tonight. Plants in literally minutes ago


Tank: Marineland 27 gallon cube w/ stand
Lighting: Marineland 9 watt Double Bright LED fixture w/ moonlights, supplemented with 30 watts spiral CFL DIY from my 10 (will adjust with more/less light as necessary)
Filtration: Rena XP2
Substrate: 1.5 bags Flora Max
Co2: None as of now. I ran DIY on my 10 but I've nixed some of the high-tech plants from that tank and want to see how this one fares with Excel only. I know I'll probably get sucked back into the world of red plants though (not to mention my lighting...I can't help it, I love a bright tank) and at that time will do DIY again until I can save for a pressurized system.

Flora (at present, and too lazy to remember the scientific names, forgive me):
Java Moss
Flame Moss
Christmas Moss
Peacock Moss
Dwarf Hair Grass
Narrow-Leaf Java Fern
Sunset Hygro
Anubias Nana
Cryptocoryne Lutea
Cryptocoryne Wendtii Bronze
Rotala sp.
Mystery Val
Unknown plant probably a Wisteria-like Hygro (same leaf shape as water wisteria, only the leaves are variegated)

Fauna (tentative)
8 Cardinal Tetra
2 German Blue Ram
3 Albino Corydoras
6 Von Rio Tetra
1 yoyo loach

I have 5 cardinals as of now, the GBRs, yoyo and corydoras (overstocked for a ten I know! But they're moving up on Friday!) And a lonely Von Rio tetra who was a charity case. He was shipped into work with the Serpaes so I brought him home to wait it out for my eventual larger tank, which I've got now, so first chance I get I'm going to get him some buddies for a proper school.

Anyway I know that bioload is still a little high, but I'm overfiltered and religious about my water changes so hopefully it will work out

Anyway, no pictures as of right now because I'm presently without a computer/internet due to moving just a week ago (I'm only able to post now because of the wonders of mobile phones) but hopefully I can get some up Friday when I go to my dad's to pick up the fishies.

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