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As I planned, I did go in and pull out the little bit of staghorn and thread algae that were on a few of my plants when I got home today. I also found that the skimmer on my filter has sucked up the duckweed that "came free" on some of my plants, so that is good

I have also found that I got a few hitch-hikers on some of my plants. Something is in there laying eggs, because some are on my driftwood which was definitely clean before. They look like a very loose gelatinous mass with dots in them. I would assume snails, but I can't see any snails in there, and didn't notice any while planting More unpleasantly, I also found a leech around 3/4" long inching on the glass...I made sure to get rid of that!

As promised, here are some pics. I think I did pretty good for my second attempt at a planted tank. My wife says I went overboard

These first three were taken when I got home, when both light fixtures were on:

The rest were taken this evening, when only the 30w T-8 bulb was on:

I'm planning on letting the plants settle in for a week or two before adding fish. Some of my plants (the crypts in particular) look like they were grown emmersed, so I definitely want to give them some time to acclimate. I'm already seeing some of the infamous "crypt melt," but I was expecting that.

Let me know what you think- I am eager for feedback!
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