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looks nice. I been working on an iwagumi with this tank for awhile now (same plants you can see link in my sig). Finally getting some HC spread but i have had to battle some algae. The worst thing for me so far is cyano/bga. I have a 2213 on the tank but there just always seems to be some areas that dont get the flow you want and others that get almost too much. I am running furcata rainbows in it so they like the flow but with out the filter on full blast its hard to make the water hit the end. Before i go chemical to fight the bga im planing on getting a small powerhead and point at the trouble area. I read good flow will usually get rid of the stuff.

Also a heads up with this tank it needs like daily topping off. It has soo much surface area for such low gallons that water evaporates really fast. Temps swing really fast too i vary from 73F-74F at night to 81F during the day. I think the swing would be better if i had a better heater but i dont have the mula for an inline and i haven't found an affordable small heater for the tank other then my 5 dollar hang on one.

I would have done immersed if i had thought it about it more because my HC is growing so slow. BTW thanks again xmas_one for the hc!

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