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Thatgmc's Mr. Aqua 12g Long "Smokey Oolong Mountain"

Hello! Well that didn't take long. Only after 3 weeks back into the aquarium world, I have decided to start another tank. I visited a LFS that was under new management recently and fell in love with the 12g Long by Mr. Aqua. I am going to do a Iwagumi style tank with HC. This will be my first ever Iwagumi style tank. Here is a brief equipment and fauna/flora list. Pictures are coming soon.

- Mr. Aqua. 12g Long

- Ikea Besta Bookcase

- AquaticLife 36" 2 x 39w T5HO (1 6000k + 1 6500k)

- Eheim ECCO 2232
- Cheapo Lily pipes

- ADA Amazonia I & II (about even ratio)
- Seiryu Stone (most likely)

- Hemianthus callitrichoides
- Blyxa Japonica

- Celestichthys margaritatus (Galaxy Rasboras)
- Some kind of shrimp that is not RCS

I am going to start this baby off emersed. It'll be my first emersed grow but i want the HC carpet completely covered before I fill this baby up. I have a few concerns I was hoping some of you might be able to answer.

Is my lighting too much for a 9.4" deep tank?

If so should I replace a bulb with a 18000k bulb?

How hard is it REALLY to keep an iwagumi setup with HC trimmed? I can imagine a bunch of loose leaves and roots flying ever where.

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