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wow.. that stand looks great! Your list of hardware choices is pretty impressive too.. going to be a great setup.
Thanks! That comes from just taking a year and saving and learning without making purchases. I remember when I first started learning about planted tanks back in August I was sold out on the Red Sea Co2 system, lol.

looks like you have got it all together. the stand looks great
Thanks. Had tons of help too.

i love the stand looks just like JB's. i want to make one. what was the cost?
The cost is substantial, especially when you consider that I borrowed my dad's tools so I didn't have to purchase those. ADA sells there version of this stand for $900 not including shipping. I used to think that price was ridiculous. Anyway check out Jason Baliban's website and search articles for more info about the stand.

Dang, that stand is a plywood beast. Even the doors are 2 ply. Awesome job so far. Nice equipment too. I'm looking forward to seeing more progress
Yeah it's heavy as crap too. Thanks for the compliment, as I said I had tons of help. Unfortunately, even after I purchase the tank and substrate it's going to be while before I can get hardscape materials.

That thing is bombproof! No sleepless nights for you...Can't wait to see the 'scape!

That's what i need, a bombproof stand to put a pressurized co2 tank in. Maybe that'll convince my parents.
Yeah, been reading about your co2 denial issues. Sorry about that bro.

Great job with that stand. Is the formica hard to cut? I hear it's really sharp?
Thanks! It is very must be careful when using it. It is easy to cut but you must have a router.

If anyone is interested in purchasing a stand like this one (though probably better since I built the thing) the guy who helped me with the formica is a master cabinet maker and will build these ADA style cabinets for roughly $650. I said I'd advertise for him since he helped me as a favor to my dad. Just let me'd have to work out shipping with him.
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