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Here are some diagrams:

Top diagram shows my water loop and RODI system. This system allows for a pump to drain the right barrel. A filter for the barrel with inline heater on the inlet of the filter. A pressurized CO2 system with a diffuser in the barrel. This design uses a high flow pump to move water between tank and barrel creating a live loop of water constantly flowing. The lid is air tight which creates a vacuum to suck water back out of the tank. On the left, there is a constantly topped-off barrel of RODI water and a siphon to pump water out of left barrel into right barrel.

Bottom diagram: This uses a 120v 10amp relay with a 12vdc coil. This allows me to wire a 10 amp power strip into the switch side of the relay. There is a 12vdc power supply that feeds a few leds and the coil. There is also a sponge (rectangle) with leads in it. When water enters the sponge, the circuit is closed. This creates a short and the coil looses power killing the switch and turning off the power to the power strip. This is a leak detection system that automatically kills power to any device plugged into it when a leak is detected. I can add as many sponges in parallel for various areas. All it takes is one sponge for it to kill the circuit.

Let me know if you have any questions and comments and I can explain anything else in more detail.
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