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New 55G Planted Tank, Wouldn't Mind Suggestions!

Hey All,

I am brand new to planted tanks. I have a co-worker friend that started the snowball down hill and I am already addicted. I have a decent amount of hobby flex money and have decided to dump it on my first 55G planted tank. I will post pictures of what I have already purchased and I am already working with. I am open to any and all suggestions. I have a few ideas myself and wanted to share them with you guys to see what you have to say. Hopefully some of you will agree with my ideas and not crush them, but criticism is welcomed. I want to design over the course of the new few months a High Light CO2 tank. I would like to buy some water storage barrels (kind used for emergency water rations). The idea is to have a 55G tank visible, but 2 x 30G barrels in a closet. The inlet/outlet tubes will be glass in the tank and convert to flex tube behind it. The tubes will run into the wall then into the closet. I have designed a schematic for a water leak detection system so it will shut off electricity to everything plugged into it whenever any of the sensors are tripped. My barrel idea is to have an auto-topped-off RODI barrel this will always be filled for quick water changes. The second 30G barrel will be in line with the tank effectively making it a 85G tank to lighten the bio-load. I have researched some on here, but have tons to learn still. I will post some badly drawn pics of my ideas. Please post any suggestions in here and I will run with them. I will also provide as many pics as possible. Thanks in advance!

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