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Piccolo, you can use wire to extend the short wires that come out of the ballast. Anything from speaker wire to an extra lamp cord lying around will do. The way you splice two connections to one bulb is splice them all together. Take the two outputs from the ballast and splice them together, and then take the two wires going to the endcap and splice them together, then just connect the ends with a piece of wire and a wire nut.

Be careful, you don't want to wire the ballast incorrectly and fry the internals. Take your time and make sure every connection is sure before plugging it in. I won't be able to check with the site until tomorrow AM so it might have to wait until then.

Maybe ridns can talk you through some of it until then. How much did you pay for those 5000k bulbs at the lighting supply store? Glad you found something that looks good. It would suck to get this great affordable intense lighting system and then have lame yellowish light.

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