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Three Cup Nano: Renewal

I started up this new tank yesterday. It's a three cup bowl-shaped container that I had laying around. Surely not the best of choices since the rounded shape distorts the inner visibility, but it was still fun to set up. Maybe in the future I'll buy a small cube and transfer the scape over to that.

I would've liked to use taller rocks, but these were all I had that possessed a small enough footprint to fit into the bowl. I do have another larger rock that I may use instead of the two medium sized rocks currently in the bowl, though I'd lose the valley. So, I'll probably leave the scape the way it is.

Moving on from my rambling, does anyone know a place that sells clear lids/covers? Or if anyone has a 5.5" diameter (slightly larger is fine too) clear lid they don't want, please let me know.

Fauna: Three juvenile RCS that were living life as filter babies.
Flora: Five nodes of Marsilea minuta. I might add a hint of Mini Pellia to one or two of the larger rocks.
Lighting: Sunlight - about three hours per day.
Substrate: AS Powder with a few pebbles of regular AS.
Ferts: One drop of Excel daily.





I plan to have monthly picture updates, assuming everything goes well.
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