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Lightbulb Can tom bar EI solve my algea problems?

Ok I am tired of my algea problems...

29 gallon
55 watt aha supply
two HOB filters
1) penguin 170 (bio wheel removed and a "de-agitator" added with custom
filter material)
2) walmart 120 (i guess...aquaclear or somthing.. custom filter no carbon)

DIY CO2...I am still working on this.. I gave up on my co2 bell idea for this tank, just dont have the ability to build a big enough one that is still not in the way or takes up too much realistate.

The variable range is becuase the change water adds depleted chemicals.

ph ~7.6
kh ~11-15
gh ~12-18
no3 ~5-10+
po4 ~.5-2.0 (this vairable is hard to control...!!!)

Dose.. PMDD.. NO3...KCl...PO4..depending on look of the tank. I have not balanced the tank.. if I dont does the micros then the tank will look starved.. but then i dose them all and it will bounce back and then thread and green dot algea and some black beard will grow more proliferate. I have almost give up on a decent looking crop of rotala indica.. it just grows sickly looking stems covered with green thread mess. Also has two anubias.. two swords, sunset hygro and some "wild" vals.

Tank 2
This tank is decent.. only a tad of thread and lots of green spot..(easily cleaned off tank.. but anubis suffer)
55watt GE 9325k bulb..
Hagen Co2 mixture changed every week to keep strong.

ph ~ 7.0-7.4 (high range at mix end if i neglect it though)
the rest is the same as tank 1
po4 more stable .02-1.0 range never more unless im dumb and overdose.

I do similar doesages but lesser quanitity. I do a 5ml "saturated" dose of no3 (by saturated i mean the mix wont hld anymore salt) about every three days..when i notice drop in pearling. Tank has anubis, red temple, ludwigia repens, rotala indica, star grass, other plants.. main plants are the reds...

Tank 3
2 odno 20watt ge 9325k bulbs ~65watts??
DIY co2
ph ~ 7.0 (stble if I watch the this one for somereason lasts for weeks without a change.. i have no explanation for it...its just a 2 liter bottle.
Similar values to the 20L

This tank has HORRIBLE string algea problems.. i pull huge clumps out.. I wish I had a digital cam to show what is in the tanks. This tank is full of a huge log, covered in big java ferns *black leaved plants. Some wiseteria, and red tinted bacopa carolina and moneywort.


my big thing is how do I solve the algea problems.. Increasing lighting is NOT an option. Yah I could do more regualting on the CO2, but a pro setup is beyond my budget...I have ordered co2 ladders for each the tanks that do not hve them for better dispersals, and less realestate being taken up by my homemade ones. What is the exact thing that I am pry really doing wrong. Should I cut back on dosing or dose more.. what?

Help control the pet population...spay or neuter people won't spay or neuter their dogs or cats!
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Change the DIY weekly.
See here under venturi DIY CO2 reactor, the viewing and plans for it are free, you can see it cost about 2-3$ ansd the cost of a powerhead. It's designed based on DIY sources but works with any type of CO2 source.

This will make your life 5x better.
The nutrients are easy to contend with, water changes and dosing can take care of them.

CO2 is the main issue here.

Tom Barr
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Do you mind to give the instruction on how to build this Venturi DIY CO2 Reactor? I am one of those person who's not good in just following picture as a method to do the project. Step by step with pictures is very very much appreciated if you have time.


I thank you in advance,


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The pics are up there or should be.

It's a simple 2" x 4" L tube with a powerhead attached, not a a moon rocket.
Put a couple of 3/16" holes on either side about 2" down from the top.
Attach one to the venturi of the powerhead, the other is left open.

A 3/16" tube about 5" long is added from the top.
CO2 goes in there.


Look, the materials are cheap(2-3$) and it's hard to screw up, stop worrying and get the stuff.

Tom Barr
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Thumbs up

Thanks Tom!


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Hey I got my DYI system, bottle tube and reactor that I don't use anymore, I got a pressurized system now. If interested in buying I'll make a good deal!!! The reactor is a RIO pump connected to a small gravel cleaner tube which I have some sponge and ceramic filter media to help in diffusing the bubbles. I also have a needle valve attached to it.

PM me if interested!!!

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