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50g breeder would be awesome but I've never seen one in Petco. Hey Trav, the HC is almost all gone. Some died I guess due to acclimation, the majority was uprooted by my SAE and cories. I have this small patch I'm hoping will rebound.

As far as stocking, I'm looking into 2 or 3 schools (about 12-15 harlequin rasboras and 7 panda cories) and some "unique" fish (i.e. a pair of apistos, bristlenose, honey gourami are some ideas).

My current stock that would be carried over to the new tank is:
1 SAE (3")
6 harlequins
3 panda cories
1 pygmy cory
1 nerite
3 amano shrimps

I am leaning heavily toward the 55 gallon mainly due to the schools.
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