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I am making pretty good progress I think.
- I got the broken top rim off and removed all the old silicone
- I have a batch of worm castings mineralizing and received an MTS nutrient kit from Cryptkeeper this week
- I bought materials to reskin the stand and started working, but I have found that I need to completely rebuild the stand. While the top and bottom were square, the vertical supports were not. I am in the middle of the rebuild now.
- theblondskeleton gave me a whole bunch of lace rock from a past scape in his tank. It gave me some great ideas for some things to try with this tank.

The big change I am making about my planned scape is not to fill the tank all the way up. I really want to have the 150 gallons, but I am worried about the weight. The tank is on the second floor, and while it is against an exterior wall, it runs parallel to the support structure. I just don't want to take any chances. Perhaps someday I will have this tank on a better supported floor and can use the full tank of water, but for now I am planning on 90 gallons of water and the rest will be a plant wall. I am still working on the details of how to do the wall and will fill everyone in later.

Sorry I don't have any photo updates, hopefully next time I will have some photos of the rebuilt stand.
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