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Very nice write-up Jm. My tank was recently overrun by algae. I had the BBA all over my lace java fern, peacock moss, and glass. I tried the Excel overdose method I had read about and it did nothing. Finally I had to remove my plants and hit them with 3% H2O2 which seemed to work very well. Afterwards I dumped about 20oz of H2O2 into the tank and let it circulate for about 30 mins. Did a 60% water change and cranked the CO2 up till the drop checker was in the yellow (no fish in there at the moment).

Keeping my fingers crossed, but after two days, the algae seems to be dying off of the plants and the glass and substrate look clean. Going to invest in some Amano shrimp once I get ready to re-stock this tank.
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