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Plans for fish and plants

I will stay with the same theme for fish in the new tank. Mostly South American fish, discus, angels, rams, apistos, tetras, plecos. With a few special purpose fish from other areas like loaches for snails and SAE for algae.

I want to add build up a good school of rummies to go with my pretty good school of cardinals.

I will probably ad a few more rams and apistos.

The big investment in fish will be some solid red discus like San Merah or red covers to contrast the brilliant blue turquoise discus I have now.

Because of the dimensions of this tank, lighting and trimming will be tricky. I am pretty sure I will stay with my 4x54w t5ho Catalina fixture and move to more of a mid to low light set up with lots of anubias and ferns.
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