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Yikesjason's 150 wide discus tank: holiday decor

I have always liked the dimensions of the 150 gal tanks I would sometimes see at Petsmart. 48x24x31. It has so much depth and height, that I should be able to do some interesting things with it. This is going to replace my 90gal which was a hasty replacement for a 125 that broke back in Nov of 09'.

This was my 125 72x18x21 I think it was, that split a seam.

Here is my current 90. 60x14x24 I really like this tank, but I miss the depth I used to have.

Here is a quick shot of the 150 in my messy garage.

I got a good deal on this off craigslist. The center brace is broken and I have plans to replace this home built stand. I have ordered a replacement top frame for $70, I though it was going to be less. It is also going to take a month to get here. But that will give me some time to get everything else ready. I got the old frame off over the weekend and now am working on cleaning off the old silicone.

I am excited and think this is going to be a very nice tank.

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