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Originally Posted by peccavi View Post
You missed a method. An Algae Refugium. I have a 10G tank under my 75G tank full of algae, and the light is on 24/7 to maximize algae growth. Why? Because if the algae grows well in my refugium it eats all the nutrients before algae can grow in your display tank where conditions are not as good (not as much light).

Stick a couple snails in the refugium to eat the algae and continue the cycle and it REALLY keeps your display tank from being overgrown. It does not stop the algae from growing but it stunts its growth by consuming the nutrients first.

I know this is a very popular method among reefers, but it doesn't directly apply to FW planted setups. Sure, there are the occasional ammonia spikes that need to be sucked up, but for the most part, algae in FW planted tanks is not caused by excess nutrients.

I put emphasis on that last bit, not just for you, but for everyone. I think that's the hardest concept for people to accept.
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