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'in a silent way' JG's 20 Hex

Named as such because I listened to this excellent miles davis album multiple times during the setup of this tank. Its always been one of my favorites of his.

So on to the tank stuff... this tank/layout is a direct replacement for my first planted tank the 10g hex. A member in our club had this used 20 hex and I snagged it up to increase the volume and plantable area just a bit. In swapping the tanks around it also afforded me the opportunity to change the substrate from the old seachem onyx sand which isn't bad at all but not necessarily the easiest to plant in. Especially when you built up slopes at some point with larger smooth stone.

AGA 20 gallon hex
aquaclear ac20 filter (picking up a 70 at the next club meet to increase the GPH)
Current 1x18W PC (dual daylight bulb)
Stealth heater (not the pro! )
Azoo Plant Bed (natural)

Malaysian driftwood/zebra stone hardscape

5 Rasbora espei
7 Threadfin Rainbows
Red Cherry shrimp
This tank is displayed in our living room area and is probably the one visitors see the most of so I really wanted the hard scape to have a little more impact than it did previously. Given what I had to work with I knew that there were only a few relatively good positions for the wood in the tank so its more or less the same as before... with more wood and some added stone. I hope to keep the hard scape more visible this time around by only having the dwarf sag in the front with the slow growing 'petites'.
I probably thinned out around half of the crypts from the previous setup to make for plenty of grow in room for the next year or so. Most of the ferns had already been removed as it have gotten pretty overgrown. It was a fairly low touch setup before and I'm hoping to keep that very low maintenance schedule with this tank. I'm just hoping the same lighting is going to provide just enough given the increased tank volume... it should do well with the plant selection. Given the lighting and plants its going to be a pretty slow grower. It took well over a year for the 10g layout to really mature so I'm looking forward to this one slowly growing back in to that stage.
Cheers and thanks for looking!
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