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Originally Posted by Wasserpest
Good start, but... needs... background... please...

Don't have to get fancy, a piece of black or blue carton, or some cloth, or a mirror, or...

With the reactor behind it the nice aquascape turn into something... uh, a little futuristic looking.
LOL! You are obviously referring to what I have listed as Desktop #2 (the first pic). Like I said, the Didiplis Diandre will ultimately form the background of this little tank when it is completely grown out. I never use colored or black backgrounds on my tanks, but use plants to hide any equipment or crap behind the tank. I usually completely cover the back of the tank in a wall of plants, just as a general preference. I noticed after I had posted the pic that the crap behind the tank was glaringly obvious, including the C02 tank and some other stuff, which is what you seem to be talking about. I will state again that these tanks are not a finished product, I just wanted to share the layout that I have going with the hopes that other people might get ideas from what I have or have suggestions to improve upon my layouts. You will hopefully not be able to see all the junk back there in another month or so.

Two 1 GA desktops, a 5 gallon, a 2.5 gallon, a 10 gallon, a 20 gallon, a 25 gallon, and two 75 gallon tanks, all planted.
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