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Thanks for the support. I think I still need like 3 more posts before the system lets me post pics and linked materials.

For the sake of fun, I'll list the tank parameters:

16 g Bowfront Tank
100W Stealth Heater
Eheim Liberty HOB Filter
Seachem Fluorite substrate
Tropica Master Grow Fertz.
65W 6500k PC Light, Coralife
Spray-Painted Black Back
Eheim Auto-Feeder

Anubias nana x 2
Java Fern x1
Pineapple Swords, 2F/1M
German Blue Rams 1M/1F
Cardinal Tetra's x 13
Schwartzi Cory x 2
Gold Ansicstrus Pleco x 1
Cherry Shrimp x 3

40 breeder starfire LED

Eheim pimp #425
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