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So i just got my HC in and was excited to start planting.
I decided to dry start my tank first because i don't have all my filter and co2 in place. So i figured i get a head start. Don't really know what im doing as far as dry starting. Do i need to cover the tank with plastic wrap? do i spray with excel flrouish? what's the correct way of doing this thing successfully?

Well while i ponder these questions and wait for experienced people like you folk to answer them enjoy the few shots i took of the tank.

I wanted to plant dwarf hair grass behind the cluster of rocks to the right and far left but didn't want them running into the HC.. Pain in the buttox in the future so i decided to save me the headache.
Im going to place some Eriocaulon cinereum between the tall rock and small round rock and also one head between the rocks on the right. I may decide to add some japoinica also but haven't decided yet.
We will see as time progresses. I just need to get the foreground filled in before the middle of july because we have a show at our LFS that i wanted to enter.
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