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you got rocks in there bro-ski...

op, if you can't use hard scape, fine..... a great deal or what hard scape is used for is to create impact, just in a different way than the plants. often times the plants conjoin with the hard scape to compliment each other. It will be more difficult to make a NATURAL appearing tank without the addition of hard scape. That's like a tree with no trunk, a stream with no sand, rocks, or trees. Can it be done, HECK YES, and well!!!!!! Will it look natural, not really.....But like someone mentioned above, Trimmed Gardens look good. Go dutch and you will learn to perfect trimming, plant groupings rather than hard scaping techniques. Many on here follow the Amano inspired "Natural" look.

My suggestion, would be to find some good natural objects to use, sticks, rocks, etc. Or go Dutch Garden style. Either way, the real compliments come with good placement, trimming, and healthy plants.

many people say whatever you like is what to do, i say, no....we enjoy compliments, so strive for something that will make you proud and that others will like, then you'll be happy. my two cents.... being outside the box is refreshing, but often times futile and annoying. Especially when you are unsure, then you will get aggravated and discouraged when no-one likes your work...
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