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MR. Aqua's 12g Long Iwagumi Madness II the end!(Final update 7-23)

Ok i just got another tank to set up iwagumi style. So for those of you that have been following my 90p progress here is another chance for me to work on my iwagumi layouts.

Its a mr. aqua 12g long rimless tank.
i wanted to get your opinions on the layout.

Im trying to stay as low budget as i can considering my other tanks.
The rocks i had just laying around and the substrate was extra from my other setups so so far the tank cost me $80

so looking to get a light and a filter. Ill perhaps bring out the old DIY co2 canisters i made for my previous setups hopefully i can stop myself from getting a pressurized co2 system for this tank also. I know that my wife can help prevent me from buying another co2 setup. lol

please let me know what you think.

if you have any suggestions on the placement of the stones please feel free to comment

i intend to use HC as the foreground but i need to get a light first.
Because the tank is so shallow im not sure what light to use or if i even need to use a H/O t5 lmk what you think i could get away with on the lighting.

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