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37 Gallon Planted

Tank Specs:
37 gallon with black silicone
24" fishneedit 4x24w T-5 HO 6700k
Pressurized CO2- GLA Regulator with 10 CO2 tank
Inline Reactor
Eheim 2217
60 LBS Eco-Complete
200W Inline Heater (Still need to buy it)

Blyxa Japonica
Jungle Vals

2 German Blue Rams
20 Harlequin rasbora
3 otos

This is my first real attempt at a planted tank. I have been running a 29 gallon for a year now and all it had was plants and eco complete but nothing special. I will be taking apart a 48" light fixture that is 2x65 and 1x36 and making it into just 2x65. I don't know much about lighting so my dad is gonna help me out(only 15). I ordered a GLA Regulator and a co2 inline diffuser and i should be getting it this week. The tank right now is running DSM with only 30w of T8 for 12 hrs a day. The DHG Is growing in nicely and im gonna let it grow untill the foreground is pretty much done. The tank is gonna have a simple layout with only 3 kinds of plants. I have my 29 gallon up right now and I have the 2 koi angels in the tank untill i can get the 37 going. I still need to order Dry ferts and a nice pieace of manzanita DW. Im still collecting some items but i should be golden before july 4. Ill update with pictures really soon. Hopefully you will enjoy my journal. Tips appreciated on stocking. I want a schooling fish with my angels.

First time posting pictures, so if it doesnt show up, tell me!

I bought the tank, stand,canopy, 2 glass tops, cascade 1000 for 100 bucks. Imo its a pretty good deal, but i had to make my dad drive me 1.5 hours to pick it up. He wasn't to happy about it.

I update this page if i change any of the equipment,fish or plants.

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