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Arrow Summer Project: Iwagumi Rapids 24x18x18" SE Asia Biotope

Picked up some stones today. ~50 pounds (probably more) for $12. Not bad.
I've wanted a rapids-esque tank for a while now.

I could do an Asian stream biotope Asian River
a southern thailand Forest creek biotope (the one listed as "Rocky Rapids")
or an Indian river biotope

I'm ordering an MP 10 wavemaker/ powerhead this week. I've wanted one for a while now, and I'm finally paying up the large amount of money for one (considering it's a powerhead), but the wave feature is something I really want in this tank.

The water will have high oxygen levels, no CO2 injection, and minimal plants, which will most likely include crypts and some willow leaf hygro (depending on which biotope I chose)

I will be buying a 33.6 gallon rimless tank I've yet to decide on substrate, but it will most likely be a coarse beige sand (any recommendations/ links?)
The light will be a 70 watt FNI MH thats a couple of feet above the tank. I want a crisp look, with crystal clear water haha.
Here's the scape that I put together:

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