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Originally Posted by shane3fan View Post
No comment about the tank ( it looks good in all arrangements--just not what Im gonna comment on-lol ) I love the texture on your table. I cant tell if it is a faux texture or if the table is actually made from a giant hunk of a tree--either way it is cool looking.
It's definately faux, wish it was a real hunk of tree. My goal in the future is to own/make one of those really cool drift wood tables, with the trunks going everywhere.

Anyhow, I did a final rescape after some advice to switch the largest two rocks. This looks the least awkward out of all the designs I've made so far.

EDIT: See picture E first post.

Playing with these rocks is addictive, I got back from work at 6 and just played with rocks until 9. Forgot to eat dinner .

Light was just canceled (by the store), and I'm scrambling to find another one. Ridiculous how many sketchy aquarium sites there are on the web. Seems like 10 of them are owned by the same guy. Also this light must be discontinued, since all the legitimate sites don't seem to carry them. Gotta search more. Found out cabinet is coming on Friday. Too excited for my own good.

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