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Ok, I've planned a 'scape and ordered almost everything I need for it. To let your imaginations work, here are the plants I've planned for it:

Trident fern
windelov fern
Staurogyne 049 and/or 'porto velho'
weeping moss
Rotala mexicana 'goias'
Rotala rotundifolia

There's a great possibility that I will tweak this, since I know the 'scape isn't gonna look anything like what I imagine. I'm also looking to get a package of seiryu stone.

The tank, will, after all, have pressurized CO2. I'll be running about 30 feet of CO2 tubing along the top corner of the room to get the CO2 from the other side of the room (where my 50 gallon is).

Comments are always welcomed and appreciated This is the first time I've really planned a 'scape in advance, so I'm not sure if this will be a good thing or bad thing!
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