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Some great feedback. I made changes tonight, and I think this design looks the most natural and has the most depth out of all of them. It's more difficult than I thought to scape with huge rocks and a tank with an 8'' width. I will make a few more tweaks, but this is probably what I'm sticking with. Might extra substrate be a good idea? Maybe to build up the back more.

EDIT: (See Picture D first post)

Anyhow, I went on a buying binge last night and got an Eheim canister and a stand. My wallet was wet with tears of shame as I pulled Mr. Credit Card out. The "Iwagumi on a budget" is starting to become a joke. I'm pretty sure that this kind of excessive budget negligence is what caused the Great Recession.

As for the comments, I am certainly replacing the pink bulb on the Coralife with a 6700K....after I've used up the pink bulb. I've never heard of boraras, but after some research, they are now #2 on my list. Might be difficult to get a hold of though, as they don't seem to be as available as tetras. We'll see.

At this point, just waiting for the stand to get here, as well as the living stuff. Will update when everything is a bit more setup.

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